200+ Data Sources and 100+ Outputs

The Savant Difference

Effortless Analytics Automation

Coud-native, browser access
Instant data access to 200+ sources
Minutes to analytics workflows
Dozens of Solution Templates
Cloud-scale data processing

Secure, Enterprise-ready GPT & AI

Data security & private LLM integration
GPT conversational data access & prep
GPT conversational data transformation
GPT conversational analytics logic
Human-in-the-loop AI

Limitless Sharing & Scaling

Unlimited users
Unlimited scaling
Unlimited workflow execution
Frictionless, real-time collaboration
Secure, compliant governed workspaces

No-code, Low-code Analytics Automation

Bot-powered Data Collection and Processing from 200+ sources
Low-code, No-code Drag and Drop Analytics Automation
Bot-powered Delivery of Insights to 100+ Destinations

Hear from Customers

“We use Savant across finance, supply-chain, and many functions, to free up specialists so they can now take fast action on insights.”

“We have automated our inventory monitoring and receive daily out-of-stock alerts directly in Slack. It's been an exciting transformation.”

“Savant is not just about analytical insights. It’s about operational improvements that help us look forward and evolve our business.”

“Savant is probably the easiest to use technology for our analysts and analytics engineers.”

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How To Achieve 5X Faster Analytics?

Speed analytics and outcomes by 5x-10x while empowering analysts to create, manage, and iterate analytic workflows without dependencies on IT or data engineers

Webinar: GPT AI and Automation for 3x Faster Analytics

Hear from the COO of Million Dollar Baby, a global furniture manufacturer, on how they accelerated analytics across their business.

Webinar: 3X Faster Analytics Across Supply-chain, Sales/Marketing, HR & Products

Hear from Alex Schwarm, VP of Data & Analytics at Arrive Logistics, a multimodal transportation & freight firm, on how they automate analytics across every business function.


Continuum Partners with Savant to Introduce Gen AI-powered Analytics Automation
Savant Labs and Solutions Provider Continuum, Partner to Enable Organizations to Accelerate Analytics from Modern Data Sources
Savant aims to bring analytics directly to the line of business

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400+ Hours
Per Month Eliminated

In Manual Tasks
The single platform for supply-chain, HR, sales & marketing analytics integrating Fivetran, Snowflake, DBT, Workday, Pendo, Marketo, & PowerBI

Revenue Lift

Identified in first month
Customer health, product usage change and prospect intent integrating Salesforce, Snowflake, JIRA, ZoomInfo

Speed to Results

2 Hours vs. 80 hours previously
Fully automated reporting & business KPI projections from many Excel files and Salesforce

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