August 29, 2022

Discovering the Modern Data Team

Matt Mesher

Twenty years ago, businesses weren't online, data was small and spreadsheets were simple. But then the internet globalized, quantified and multiplied everything. Businesses that didn't keep up were left behind.

Soon, data rocketeers emerged to help businesses keep up with the cyber space race.

So what are these roles? What do they do? How do they work together? And which are right for you and your team?

The All-Star Data Team

While there are many variations, we'll focus on the most common roles in companies we've surveyed:

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Sometimes these roles have slightly different names, or even combination of responsibilities. If you know of an interesting variation, we'd love to hear about it in the comments!

Explore the Frontier with Data Analysts

Data analyst are one of the most in-demand data roles in modern companies. Once the master of spreadsheets, modern analysts now roam data stacks and business clouds to solve any data challenge for mission success.

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Navigate Deep Space with Analytics Engineers

This role is new to many data teams and is a big boost. Analytics engineers specialize in wrangling large and disparate datasets into easy-to-understand insights for teammates. And nothing tends to make them happier than elegantly solve data problems and building insights at scale!

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Breakthrough with Data Scientists

These steely-eyed rocket scientists specialize in cutting-edge statistical techniques to predict and infer signals in noisy data. With the right inputs, no mission is impossible when you have data scientists!

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Build for the Stars with Data Engineer

Data engineers build, build, build. Want to collect and model all of your business data – from sales and marketing, to product usage and billing – in a centralized system? Better call a data engineer!

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Launch the Stack!

Welcome to the modern data team! Together, they can take your business anywhere 🚀

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We hope you enjoyed our guide to modern data teams. What have you seen? Tell us about your team!

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