March 1, 2023

Announcing $11M Seed Funding to Power Analytics Automation For Every Analyst

The Savant Team

Fueled by the investment, Savant Labs Innovates on Self-service Analytics Automation in the Cloud with a Unique Drag-and-Drop No-code, Low–code Approach

San Mateo, CA - Savant Labs (, the automation platform for data analysts, announces $11 million in seed funding led by Cota Capital – a leading investor in enterprise technologies – with participation from WestWave Capital, Bloomberg Beta, Uncorrelated Ventures, Handshake Ventures and several angel investors.

As digital transformation matures, organizations are rapidly adopting modern SaaS applications and modern data platforms. This makes access to data much easier for businesses. But when it comes to running analytics on this data and supporting day-to-day business decisions, data analysts and business operations teams are left relying on complex, code-intensive tools. According to IDC, 78 million data workers are advanced spreadsheet and SQL users and they spend an average of 37% of their time weekly on repetitive, error-prone data and analytic tasks. From demand forecasting, price sensitivity analysis and revenue leak analytics, to tax and accounting, marketing and HR analytics, thousands of hours are spent on manual work that is costing businesses billions of dollars both in growth and efficiency loss.

“We believe deeply in the combined power of automation technologies and analytics to transform modern businesses,” said Chitrang Shah, founder & CEO of Savant Labs. “This unique approach is finally making it possible to automate repetitive manual analytic tasks and reach insights at business speed. With Savant, analysts can have hundreds of data sources at their fingertips, create and automate analytics workflows in minutes and publish insights to the dashboard or business application of their choice."

Savant’s end-to-end analytics automation lets users easily create dataflows, analytics workflows and leverage analytics bots to automate repetitive tasks. This introduces a breakthrough way to automate analytics across data sources while delivering results to modern dashboards and applications. Analysts can now drag-and-drop no-code, low-code analytics widgets to access, clean, prep, process and analyze data, and then deploy RPA bots to automate data delivery – all without coding or complex data engineering lift. The Savant Analytics Automation Platform supports bot-driven access to 200+ data platforms, cloud data warehouses and business applications, 300+ drag-and-drop analytics widgets to speed automating analytics, and bot-driven delivery of insights to 100+ business applications and dashboards.

“Savant’s automation solution has been a game-changer for us. Our team uses the platform every day to automate end-to-end dataflows and activate insights inside our business apps at lightning-fast speeds – without burdening our data engineers,” said Alex Schwarm, VP Data & Analytics at Arrive Logistics. “The power of Savant’s analytics workflow and bots alone saves us over 400 hours of manual analytic work every month.”

Modern leaders at companies like MariaDB, Arrive Logistics, Moogsoft and F5000s that can’t be named publicly are using Savant to automate data-driven workflows and eliminate thousands of hours of manual work. All while improving their operational efficiency and reducing the data infrastructure costs & complexity.

“Savant’s approach to automating analytics for modern data sources is unique and fills a major gap in the market for analysts who are dependent on IT/engineers for access to data,” said Bobby Yazdani, founder and partner, Cota Capital.  “We are excited to be part of Savant and to get their platform in the hands of marketing, sales, finance HR and customer teams while accelerating innovation.”

The Savant founding team has deep experience in analytics through their entrepreneurial journey at multiple successful companies including Lattice Engines (acquired by D&B), Drawbridge (acquired by LinkedIn), Clearwell (acquired by Symantec), DataDomain (acquired by EMC), 3Par (IPO) and Hyperion (acquired by Oracle).

The funding allows Savant Labs to continue to scale their teams and innovate on delivering the simplest drag-and-drop analytics automation experience for business analysts to answer questions from data captured in the modern data stack and modern SaaS applications.

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The Savant Team
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