May 18, 2023

Savant Accelerates Analytic Outcomes with Generative AI

Chitrang Shah

Business analysts and data scientists alike can now use natural language to describe analytic tasks and the Savant platform auto-generates code and the underlying analytics

San Mateo, CA – Savant Labs (, an Analytics Automation platform for data analysts, announced Savant Copilot to accelerate creating analytic outcomes. The announcement was made at the Cota Connect summit in San Francisco, hosted by Savant Labs investor Cota Capital. 

From complex data queries to data cleaning tasks like removing duplicates, standardizing names and addresses to data transformation tasks like creating calculated fields to advanced analytics like segmentation and geospatial analytics, Analysts can now describe the analytic tasks in plain english. And Savant Copilot auto-generates the code and the underlying analytics leveraging state-of-the-art Generative AI technologies.

The power of the platform enables faster data prep, data transformation, analytics and data publishing to multiple destinations, including business applications and popular dashboards.

78 million data workers are advanced spreadsheet and SQL users and spend an average of 37% of their time weekly on coding complex analytics resulting in millions of hours of lost productivity, according to IDC. This decades old problem is addressed head on by Savant.

“With Savant Copilot, we have taken a giant step forward on our mission to make analytics automation accessible to everyone” said Chitrang Shah, Founder & CEO of Savant Labs. “From demand forecasting, price sensitivity, revenue leak analytics, to tax and accounting, marketing and HR analytics, data work can now be automated  in minutes with Savant’s Analytics Automation cloud-native solution.”

“Savant’s automation solution has been a game-changer for us.” said Data Analytics Leader at Arrive Logistics. “My team uses the platform everyday to automate end-to-end data and analytics flows and activate insights inside our business apps at lightning-fast speeds.”

Modern leaders at companies like MariaDB, Arrive Logistics, Moogsoft and F1000 organizations are using Savant to automate data-driven workflows and eliminate thousands of hours of manual work. All while improving their operational efficiency and reducing the data infrastructure costs & complexity.

Savant Analytics Automation platform has a drag-and-drop no-code, low-code solution to create analytics workflows, built in bots to access, prep data and publish insights, and the power of embedded AI to speed analytics and reduce the dependence on expert skills.

To learn more about Savant visit or start your no-obligation free trial at

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Chitrang Shah
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