June 1, 2023

Resume Tips for Your Data Analyst Dream Job

Matt Mesher
June 1, 2023

Resume Tips for Your Data Analyst Dream Job

Matt Mesher

Data Analyst Resume Tips

Sometimes it can be tough to stand out in a stack of resumes. Even great candidates can struggle to get noticed.

But don’t worry, we have some tips to help spruce up your resume and land your dream analytics job!

The Analyst Conundrum

Great analysts tend to do two things well: (1) they’re strong critical thinkers and (2) they’re effective communicators. When others skip steps in their thinking and leap to conclusions, analysts think step-by-step with cleverness and discipline.

The issue is that we often like to show our work, because it’s how we make sure our logic is sound. This is a big strength! But it can also hurt our communication with non-analysts.

Being a Communication Savant

The solution is to start at the end. Give your audience the conclusion first, and let them ask for the how. This way, they immediately get “why I should care” and you keep them engaged, wanting more.

So about My Resume?

You're applying for a data analytics position. Your job is to distill signal from noise. Show you know how with your resume! Here are some simple recommendations.

Structure for Success

  • Start with overall highlights. Put the most important information about your skills and background at the top.
  • Go top-down. Most important 2-3 things should be at the top. Then you can offer your supporting facts.

Think Like a Designer

  • Use white space. Dense text is hard to absorb. Less and more, especially when people are going fast. So make it clear the few places you want their eye to go.
  • Use simple, clear words. Esoteric words help no one. Need inspiration? Read some Hemmingway!

Show You're Dynamic

  • Passion never goes out of style. Don't make things too dry. Let your interests come out. Employers like motivated, dynamic employees who can bring something extra.
  • It’s ok to list non-work items. Do you volunteer? Are you a member of a society? These are good items to include, just use them as brief flourishes.

Things to Avoid

  • Don't make your resume a dense list of information. This requires your audience to synthesize. They’re busy and want to hire you to give them time back. Give it to them!
  • Don't blot out the sun. You don’t have to fill every square inch of the page. If you’re just starting your career, employers understand and don’t expect you to have a huge amount of experience. If you’re a veteran, show you’ve learned how to communicate the most important points.
  • Look out for typos. Attention to detail is important for analysts. Run your resume through spell check, tools like Grammarly and even ChatGPT.

And no matter what, always remember, you got this!

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