January 25, 2023

Who Is the GOAT?

Chitrang Shah

We as a people are obsessed with GOATs.

No, not the kind that bit you at the petting zoo when you were five and made you cry.

GOAT as in the acronym for the “Greatest Of All Time.”

We want to know: who is the football GOAT? Tennis GOAT? Boxing GOAT? And it’s not limited to sports.There are endless debates over who is the GOAT actor, the GOAT chef, the GOAT guitarist, the GOAT rapper, etc.

It seems the only space that doesn’t engage in GOAT rhetoric is business analytics. Do you remember the last time you heard a heated exchange about the GOAT lead generator? Or the GOAT widget factory? Or the GOAT marketing campaign?

Savant’s Rank function is a vital tool to help you settle your business’s own GOAT debates.

In the example below, we’ll use Savant’s Rank function to determine the GOAT sales lead source based on lead score from a sample dataset.

First, we will create a new Savant analysis with a leads dataset. You may need to use the Summarize and Edit tools to create a table that is suitable to rank.

Namely, the table must include a column with the value you would like to rank by (e.g., LeadScore), and at least one discrete attribute column to sort by (e.g., LeadSource, Industry, First Name, Last Name, etc.):

With our dataset ready to rank, we will use Savant’s Edit tool to insert a new column to buildout the Rank function, as in the video below:

Lastly, we will use Savant's Edit tool to hide all fields that we do not want to see in our final table that we send to a destination. In this case, we want to keep the First Name, LastName, Lead Source Rank and Lead Score:

Once we’ve completed these steps, we can export to our destination and discover the Lead Source GOAT!

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Chitrang Shah
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