October 20, 2022

How to Split Text with No Code

Matt Mesher

Using the wrong tools can be a bit like playing golf with gardening tools. Gimme putts? Not when you're using the back of a rake...

If you've ever needed to split text to rows, you can probably relate. With spreadsheets or SQL, you might as well be using a shovel. That's why data analysts like you need a better tool 🔧

Splitting Text

Today, we'll show you just how easy this is in Savant. In our example, we have the rosters for two NBA teams with the players listed in a single text field:

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This format is readable for humans, but what if your analysis needs each player separated out?

You'd have to write a lot of substring expressions if your spreadsheet didn't support text to column. And with SQL, you might have to hard-code five columns with split functions and hope the number of players doesn't change.

Text Splitting Made Easy with Savant

With Savant, you simply select the split tool ✂ and enter a separator. Voila! Each player is now in their own column. Now you can work with each player separately in the data.

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Split Text to Row in 1️⃣ Click

Each player is separated ✔ but your analysis probably needs each player in their own row.

This is hard in most spreadsheets and SQL. You could manually cut and paste data, do a lot of union-ing or write a fancy script...but that's error-prone and time-consuming.

Don't worry, Savant has you covered! In the split tool, just select the split to row option. One-click, no code and you're done 😎

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